UAM Receives Special Education Resource Teacher Academy Grant


MONTICELLO, Ark.–On March 30, Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Commissioner Johnny Key announced in a memo from the ADE Commissioner that the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE ) had partnered with six Arkansas universities, including the University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM), to offer special education resource teacher academies.

The UAM Partnership is the result of a grant proposal submitted on behalf of the UAM School of Education in March 2022 by Dr. Kim Level, Dean of the UAM School of Education, and Deborah Givhan, Special Education Coordinator and teacher at the UAM School of Education. Education.

The ADE commissioner’s memo explained, “The purpose of the Special Education Teacher Resource Academies is to provide current licensed public school educators in kindergarten through 6th grade, 4th through 8th grade, or in grades 7-12 in ELA, math, or science the opportunity to earn a Special Education Resource endorsement and participate in job-integrated professional development while receiving graduate credit hours, without additionally, educators obtaining this approval will be able to provide special education services in the general education classroom, as supplementary supports, or in special education classrooms. district to consider and offer a variety of special education service delivery models With the growing emphasis on inclusive practices, this opportunity will help provide dis Arkansas school tracts the skilled staff needed to lead the nation in inclusive, student-centered education.

Givhan expressed excitement after receiving the grant, saying, “I am thrilled that UAM has the opportunity to enhance the capacity of teachers ready to work with diverse student populations. As the state of the Arkansas is working to increase the inclusion of students with special needs in our general education classrooms, I believe this training will be instrumental in the success of all students, and it is free for eligible teachers.

UAM Chancellor Dr. Peggy Doss stressed the importance of bringing the academy to the university, saying, “Special education is an area of ​​critical academic shortage, and UAM, as one of the leading teacher providers in the region, is dedicated to providing services to Southeast Arkansas and beyond to address teacher shortages. UAM is well placed to help general education teachers access professional development opportunities and acquire the tools to provide inclusive, student-centered special education in general education and learning resources. Special Education We thank Dr. Kim Level, Ms. Deborah Givhan, and DESE for bringing the Special Education Resource Teacher Academy to UAM.

UAM received a grant to sponsor 36 teachers to obtain their K-6 or 7-12 Special Education Resource Teacher Approval. This includes full tuition and fees for 12 graduate credit hours, all books and materials, the cost of a Praxis exam application, and a $100 stipend to help cover fees travel to the in-person meeting.

The opportunity is open to all licensed Arkansas K-6, ELA (4-8 or 7-12), math (4-8 or 7-12), and science teachers. The first face-to-face meeting will take place on Saturday May 28, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the UAM campus. This is a mandatory meeting. The four compulsory courses are 100% online and take place in summer I: from May 31 to June 29; Summer II: July 5 to July 27; Fall I: August 17 to October 6; and Spring I: from January 11 to March 2, 2023.

Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2022 and will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

All applicants must attend the mandatory in-person meeting on May 28, 2022, pass all courses, and pass the Praxis exam upon first application. All requirements must be completed by the end of May 2023.


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