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Creation: 26 Feb. 2022 07:55

An aerial view of Saltus, Pembroke (file photo)

Students can study a wider range of subjects with others around the world after a school joins an international program.

Saltus became the island’s first member of the Global Online Academy.

A spokeswoman explained that the network brings together independent schools from different countries with the common mission “to reinvent learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a global networked society.”

Saltus middle and high school students will benefit from membership.

The spokesperson explained: “The course curriculum is offered online and varies in length and complexity.

“Flexible on-demand lessons are also available for Saltus teachers to supplement their classroom learning.

“By becoming a member school, Saltus will expand both the course offerings and learning experiences available to students and give them the opportunity to explore a passion or topic of interest with other students around the world. whole world.”

Saltus School Principal Deryn Lavell (File Photo)

Deryn Lavell, the school principal, said, “This is an exceptional opportunity for Saltus and an amazing opportunity for our community to provide online learning journeys for students, transformative professional development for teachers and join a global network of schools and educators doing the same.”

Ann Paynter, Director of Academic Organization and Site Director for GOA at Saltus, added, “Creating the opportunity through GOA to leverage modern learning technology and skills supports Saltus in its quest to prepare students in college and beyond.

“Having the opportunity to study in more than 50 GOA courses such as artistic entrepreneurship, introduction to investments, bioethics, creative writing, game theory and introduction to artificial intelligence also allows our students to follow their passion.”

Students have already taken GOA courses such as Lies Data Tell Us and Designing Excellent Questions.

A Saltus Graduate Year 2 student, who is taking a 14-week architecture course, said, “It’s an amazing experience to work with my classmates, who come from all over the world.

“I like homework and I can do it at my own pace and in my own way.

“The course is rigorous and practical. I’m really learning to be independent and to manage my time.

“Architecture is an area I would like to pursue in college and I look forward to further developing my understanding.”

The Saltus spokesperson added, “Through GOA’s unique courses and professional development courses – not typically available at Saltus – community members can explore new ideas and pursue their passions, anytime. , anywhere.”

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