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The school prepares students for the future in higher education with advanced courses like Advanced Placement® that colleges and universities seek out applications.

Pearson Online Academy brings the high-quality experience of private education in a friendly online environment. The students, parents and teachers who make up the international school community share a passion for learning and a drive to succeed. Supported by Pearson, the global learning society, full-time virtual school, one-to-one tuition and summer school programs help students around the world explore their interests and prepare for the future. The flexible online school experience inspires excellence and 92% of parents agree that Pearson Online Academy prepares their child for academic and/or professional success. (Parent satisfaction survey 2021).

Here are some of the driving forces behind the proven approach to learning:

Outstanding College Preparatory Curriculum

Through Pearson Online Academy‘s nationally accredited curriculum and personalized approach, students benefit from a high-quality, private education online. Virtual School courses meet or exceed US standards. Use the best e-textbooks, materials, and resources available to keep students engaged in new and creative ways. Students can choose courses that match their interests. Ninety-four percent of parents agree that our program’s curriculum is of high quality (2021 Parent Satisfaction Survey).

One of the school’s primary goals is to prepare students for success in higher education and beyond through a rigorous college preparation program. Students receive guidance and encouragement to pursue advanced courses, including accelerated learning, gifted programming, and Pearson Online Academy’s exclusive College Acceleration Program, where they can earn college credit to reduce future tuition costs . With a high college acceptance rate, Pearson Online Academy graduates continue to thrive in higher education.

As part of the schools respected curriculum, they are proud to offer:

  • Gifted and Talented Programs
  • Specialization classes and advanced placement
  • University acceleration program and professional technical training

Outstanding Teachers with Parent-Supported Achievements

Pearson Online Academy believes that all K-12 students can benefit from individual attention and personalized support. The teachers are passionate, certified and specially trained to excel in online teaching and come from all over the United States. They are drawn to this virtual school because they care about their students and are passionate about the school’s model of educational excellence. At each level, teachers work closely with each student to verify mastery of material, accelerate learning when possible, and provide students with ample opportunity to excel.

Parents appreciate the opportunity to stay involved in their child’s learning and play an active role in collaboration with teachers. As learning coaches, parents have the opportunity to stay engaged in their children’s daily education, while experienced teachers lead the lessons. Parents love how easy it is to stay in communication with teachers, schedule lessons, and access grades to keep their child on track. In fact, 95% of parents feel more involved in their student’s education. (EPS 2021)

Socialization, community and friendships

Learning online does not mean learning alone. Even in a virtual setting, students meet regularly in online LiveLesson® sessions and have the opportunity to share ideas, compare experiences and have fun learning together. The school has nearly 25 clubs and activities encouraging students to pursue their interests, hone their skills and make new friends. And the flexibility of the program allows virtual private students to pursue and explore other extracurricular activities in their own communities.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission

Academic Advisors

Students enrolled full-time at Pearson Online Academy have access to certified academic advisors, who are dedicated to helping them reach their full potential. These highly trained counselors are readily available to students and their families by phone and online.

Virtual school counselors are ready to get to know students and help them:

  • Establishment of academic goals, schedules and planning
  • Personal and social development
  • Career plan
  • college planning

Preparing students for college and careers

Beyond their day-to-day counseling activities, educational counselors provide services designed to help high school students prepare for college and careers with:

  • Personalized Learning Plans® focused on post-graduation goals
  • Interactive online LiveLesson® sessions connecting Pearson Online Academy families across the country with real-time information on financial aid and scholarships, college application processes, entrance requirements, and more .
  • College test preparation courses for SAT exams
  • One-on-one consultation with seniors to provide resources and assistance with post-secondary planning, including career options, job training, and selecting the right college

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Weekly counseling programs

In partnership with Connections Academy schools, Pearson Online Academy offers weekly National Counseling LiveLesson® programs that help students and families learn about academic, social development, and career topics.

During these real-time sessions, students can ask guest speakers questions about their career choices and experiences. It’s just another way for Pearson Online Academy to open up a world of possibilities for its students.

With master’s degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology, virtual school counselors help students resolve personal, social, and academic issues that may affect their success in school and in life.

At Pearson Online Academy, the virtual school counseling program is relationship-based, so counselors are easily accessible to students and families, online and by phone. With additional support from the National School Office and its collaborative network of school counselors across the United States, counselors bring both individual attention and national expertise to our students and their families.


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