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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Rising COVID-19 cases and the latest new mask requirement are now causing some parents to consider distance learning, according to a chief of the Clark County School District Board of Directors.

As of Wednesday, only 12 CCSD schools offer full-time online courses.

“We have things that change, as you all know. Before, it was month after month, week after week. And now it’s kind of like day after day, hour after hour,” said Linda P. Cavazos, president. of the CCDS Board of Directors.

As of June 21, 11,853 students had enrolled in full-time distance education across the district. The previous month, families were asked to choose their preference, in person or remotely.

“It was May, and I will say quite honestly, our numbers, our COVID numbers, were much lower back then. And people were excited, teachers and support professionals and the community, excited to see the kids come back in person And so it was overwhelming in favor of in-person learning, ”Cavazos said.

But the district is telling parents it’s too late for them to switch their student from in-person to distance learning due to staff constraints.

Families are not without options. Cavazos said they are seeing increased interest in Nevada Learning Academy, a tuition-free online public education option.

“And it’s a great school,” Cavazos said.

It recently expanded to K-12 classes, but has been with the CCDS for almost a decade.

“I’ve gotten quite a few emails myself asking about this, you know, what’s the process,” Cavazos said of the academy option. “It used to be, for many years, just middle school and high school, and now it’s K-12.”

A local teacher agreed that it was a good school, not least because it contains teachers who were hired specifically to teach virtually.

“They have to have a certain level of technical knowledge to be able to get these jobs,” said Vicki Kreidel, an elementary school teacher who also heads the teachers’ union for the National Education Association of Southern Nevada. “If you wanted to be sure your child was safe, I think that would be a good option.”

Cavazos said the online academy is still accepting entries. She said she was not immediately concerned about the high number of registrations.

“… I think with so many things that just changed yesterday with the memo that came down to us and then the governor’s directive, I think it’s something that’s going to be like a constant reassessment,” said Cavazos. “Our goal is to bring our kids back in person, to keep our schools open and hopefully we want to reverse those numbers. We want to see immunization numbers go up and we want to see COVID numbers go down.”

Covazos advised parents who wish to return to full-time distance education in their schools to inform their child’s principal.

Click here to learn more about the Nevada Learning Academy.

The Nevada Department of Education also has a Home Schooling Department, which has a list of approved online education options for parents.



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