Online academy preparing students for college, direct route to post-high school jobs


AUSTIN (KXAN) – As Austin continues to grow, there are more opportunities for job seekers, especially when it comes to tech jobs.

The tech industry as a whole is also growing, and this is an area Colin Fiedorowicz is interested in.

“I’m planning on becoming a software developer or a computer scientist,” said Fiedorowicz, who lives in Elgin and is a junior at Texas Virtual Academy in Hallsville.

“TVAH is a great school and they offer many avenues to get into the career you want,” said Fiedorowicz.

While some students prepare for college, others will enter the workforce after high school. Fiedorowicz wants to go to college and get his masters degree.

“Instead of just calling ourselves career learning, we should instead call ourselves college and career preparation because that’s what we get kids to do,” said Marcus Walker, Learning Administrator career at TVAH.

The school, open to students from Texas, currently offers four streams: Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Financial Services, Information Technology, and Health Sciences.

“Our obligation when it comes to professional learning is to make sure they’re ready for one of them,” Walker said. “So let’s say a student wants to go to work immediately, we have certification programs that students can get those certificates. “

Colin has chosen the IT route, but will soon move on to programming and software development which will be released next year.

“Because so many people use computers for so many purposes, a career in programming could give me the opportunity to change the lives of millions of people,” said Fiedorowicz.

The TVAH website has information on how to apply and get more information on the different pathways for students.


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