Introducing the Pearson Online Academy



Introducing Pearson Online Academy UK Global

Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a high quality personalized online private school offering GCSEs and Pearson Edexcel International A Levels for students aged 14-18, accessible virtually anywhere. We inspire and empower our students to achieve academic excellence through our affordable online education that prepares them for a bright future.

Personalized performance learning

At Pearson Online Academy UK Global, our personalized performance learning (PPL) approach gives EVERY student the best chance to thrive. We make sure they receive the one-on-one, personalized attention they deserve, and that starts the moment applications are accepted.

Personalizing a student’s learning is not a one-time process, it is an ongoing process with students, success coaches, parents and teachers working together to set, review and adjust student goals. student and determine a timeline for achieving these individualized learning goals during school years.

Pearson’s online learning platforms are currently used by more than 105,000 students to enhance their learning

When students enter school, they discuss their strengths, skills and past academic performance with their teachers, success coaches and parents to help them inform and guide the best teaching approach and personalized online learning.

These conversations along with assessments and other data are used to identify and assess a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and talents to help select courses and create a learning plan based on the individual’s needs. student. We uncover skills that may need to be improved and look for ways to improve a student’s learning potential – a practice that continues throughout the school, where subject tests are used to identify students. strengths and weaknesses, measure progress and set learning goals. Regular communication schedules and adjustments to learning plans and schedules as well as electives mean that teachers, success coaches and students can collectively ensure that individual needs are met.

20 years of experience

Our PPL approach is built on over 20 years of experience supporting online schools to engage and thrive.

We have specially created our educational programs for online learning to ensure that every student is fully engaged in their learning and that our teachers are equipped to bring out the best in themselves.

As part of a comprehensive school curriculum, students use our online learning platform to study at home, joining “LiveLesson” sessions to deepen their understanding with expert teachers and fellow teachers from around the world. This ‘flipped classroom’ has been proven to increase student engagement and encourage critical thinking, while working with peers from other countries helps broaden their understanding of different cultures and build an international network of friends.

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E-learning platforms

Pearson’s online learning platforms are currently used by more than 105,000 students to enhance their learning. Students take an individual learning journey, using high-quality interactive study materials and at their own pace, with teachers using live lesson sessions, office hours, and other contact times to stretch them. where possible and offer more support when needed.

The flexibility of self-paced learning combined with extracurricular activities and a success coach helps students stay on track to achieve their personal goals and allows them to thrive in their education. By building and managing their own schedules, students receive a personalized experience that puts them in control of their learning and fosters independence and self-discipline.

This approach sets our school apart from others and ensures that each student is able to fulfill their potential.



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