Doha Academy Schools Hold CPD Session on “Gifted and Talented Children”


Doha: As part of the school’s commitment to providing continuous development to its staff, Doha Academy schools held a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session on “Gifted and Talented Children” by Professor Laznibatova.

Speaking about the importance of the session, Dr. Sheikha Aisha bint Faleh Al Thani, Founder and President of Al Faleh Educational Holding (QPSC):

“We at Doha Academy believe that gifted students have a great role to play in our communities and further developing their skills through strategic guidance is a challenge for every school.”

Therefore, she said: “We have enlisted the help of experts around the world to put in place different strategies that could help us care for gifted students. Today’s workshop allowed teachers to practice how best to encourage such talented students. The impact of training, as always, will be measured and we will continue to follow with more training and research.

Dr. Jolana Laznibatová has worked in the field of gifted psychology for over 30 years. She was the first in Slovakia to address the issue of gifted children and young people. In 1993, she developed the Alternative Care Project for Gifted Children and as a result, the first classes for gifted children started operating on September 1, 1993.

Professor laznibatova is the head of (SPMNDaG) in Petrosava, Slovakia. She is also the founder of the pilot project for the education of gifted students. After 13 years, the project was completed and the education law in Slovakia was amended to allow the establishment of a school for the gifted.

The school focuses on developing the potential of gifted students, from pre-school age to preparing graduate students. During the session, Doha Academy staff were introduced to the Aprogen program. It is a program specially developed to help each student develop good habits and a good attitude towards learning.

These include early morning community class sessions for young students to cultivate a positive atmosphere for teaching. For older students, they offer consultations as a learning aid, which are a specific part of the educational program. It also includes mentorship for high school students as a kind of bonus to help develop personal skills and coping strategies, such as stability and personal integrity to realize their potential and talents.

These and many other innovative elements form the basis that has developed within the Aprogen.

Teachers innovate the content of the educational program for the gifted. Additionally, they regularly review content and methods in terms of educational practices and approaches with an emphasis on developing the personality and character traits of gifted individuals. Teachers and students are tested for IQ with a specially designed test before acceptance.

Aprogen helps students develop their skills and abilities as well as their competence and flexibility. It supports problem-solving skills and trains the ability to react quickly to changes. It mainly teaches the ability to think analytically and synthetically, to combine various factors to solve innovative missions. It prepares students to function in a foreign environment. And finally, it flexibly addresses new challenges and unexpected problems as part of quality life preparation.


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