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Direct lender payday loans online -Get fast electronic payday loans

Do you want to take out a loan? This does not have to be a drawback. Read here if you are also able to borrow quickly and easily!

For some loan providers on the market, the problem is if you do not have a job and therefore can not show a pay slip or contract. The reason that loan providers ask for these papers is that they run a lot of risk in these times of economic crisis. However, this is not always necessary, for example when a provider only offers small loans. Nowadays there are also loan providers that offer loans on the internet, the so-called online loans. This new way of borrowing is on the rise and perhaps also ensures that you can get money quickly without a job!

Get fast electronic payday loans

A special feature of these loans is that your loan application is made entirely online. That means that you do not have to leave the door and that no papers come to look at it. Borrowing online also has the advantage that your application is always dealt with immediately so that you can quickly dispose of the money. In addition to making online purchases and booking your holiday online, it is now also possible to arrange your money affairs online. Applying for an electronic payday loan with a few simple steps at OnePayday is possible at any time of the day and generally only takes 5 minutes!

Taking out a loan and conditions of online loans

Of course, as with any other loan provider, there are conditions that you have to take into account when you want to take out these loans. For example, it is very important that you have an amount of income, but it does not matter what they consist of. So not only salary but also a benefit, health care allowance or student finance, enable you to get money quickly. You can also borrow without a job! Another requirement that is important is that you must be at least 21 years old for these loans. When you take out a loan on the internet, always read the terms and conditions carefully in advance so that you do not end up with surprises.

Taking out a loan when you are on the blacklist

Another aspect that often throws a spanner in the works when you want to take out a loan is the blacklist listing. You will find a blacklist listing if you have had payment arrears in the past and have been notified of this at the National Bank Belgium. Many loan providers do not grant loans to people who are blacklisted and carry out a blacklist check. Fortunately, there are also loan providers that omit this check, such as the online loan providers.

Also with a blacklist listing, it is, therefore, possible to borrow from providers of online loans. Furthermore, these loans are also very accessible in other areas, so no job for taking out a loan is not a problem!

Early Repayment of a Home Loan?

As its name indicates, the early repayment of a loan means the fact of completing in advance the partial or total repayment of the maturities of a loan. This is called partial prepayment or full prepayment. The terms and fees applicable in this area are framed by the Consumer Code and the Lagarde Act.

Maximum penalties


Consumer loans and mortgages can both be subject to early repayment. The conditions of indemnification of the early repayment differ according to the type of loan. For consumer loans, for example, the Lagarde law sets the early repayment amount at 10,000 € per year, from which a financial institution is authorized to apply penalties. The amount of the penalties varies according to the banks, the latter are defined in the loan agreement. The consumer code sets the conditions for early repayment of a home loan. The prepayment costs of a mortgage can not exceed the equivalent of 6 months of interest on the sums already repaid and must never exceed 3% of the outstanding capital. By these provisions the legislator establishes a maximum penalty threshold in case of early repayment. The law allows financial institutions to set the minimum prepayment threshold at 10% of the total loan amount. In this regulatory framework, the penalty clauses are completely negotiable with your bank in the signing phase.

It is more than advisable to do the accounts before making full or partial repayment of loans. First reason and we have just seen, if the amount of penalties is greater than the amount of interest saved the transaction does not present, on a purely accounting basis, absolutely no interest. Secondly, and in an unlikely scenario where the rate of inflation would exceed that of the loan interest rate, there would be no benefit to be paid in advance since the property acquired with the loan would be more valuable thanks to inflation. than the capital remaining due. Finally, in the case of financing made with several loans, including a loan at a zero rate or a reduced rate, the financial institution may choose to allocate prepayments on a loan in priority.

The early repayment of a loan makes it possible in any circumstance to reduce its debt ratio. If the amount of interest saved is greater than the amount of the costs incurred then its benefits are beyond doubt. The higher the interest rate on a loan, the more the borrower will benefit from the effects of early repayment. At the same time, it makes it possible to reduce the loan term.


Personal Loans and Their Characteristic

Personal loans are one of the financial products that are sold the most in both private equity companies and banks of all life. However, many clients do not fully understand how it works. For this reason from Lenders we want to explain what personal loans and their characteristics are. Would you like to know more about this topic? In that case, continue reading the next post.

What personal loans are and how they work

What personal loans are and how they work

When we talk about personal loans we do it to refer to that financial product by which a credit institution offers an amount of capital to a user. The borrower The agreement obligates the borrower by contract to return the borrowed amount plus an interest rate based on the risk of the operation. The expenses deriving from carrying out said financial operation are also usually included in this amount.

What are the characteristics of personal loans

What are the characteristics of personal loans

Today in the market there are a variety of personal loans. This great diversification offers customers a large number of offers. Although until a few years ago it was an almost exclusive product of banks, the outbreak of the crisis opened the market niche. Currently private equity companies and private lenders also offer personal loans.

And precisely because of the large number of offers it is important to value this product well before contracting it. The recommendations of the Lenders experts in this regard are clear. Before deciding on one or another personal loan it is important that you pay attention to the following aspects :

  • The interest rate This value is the price that the credit company marks in exchange for lending you the money. You can check both the TIN (Nominal Interest Rate) and the APR (annual equivalent rate). To truly know what expenses our personal loan brings, it is best to study the APR, since it is a much more complete value.
  • The commissions that the product includes. These can be opening and cancellation. Within the cancellation fees there are companies that charge for partial and total cancellation.
  • Possible associated expenses.
  • Amount that we must pay each month. This will be calculated based on the selected repayment term and the APR of which the loan is available.
  • Amortization term.

The guarantee within personal loans

The guarantee within personal loans

Any loan that we request must offer certain guarantees to the lender that we will be able to return the amount along with the interest. In the case of mortgages, for example, it is the home itself that we acquire that acts as collateral for the loan. But what is it that serves as collateral for personal loans? Well, there goes the surprise: all your assets, present and future, will serve as collateral in case of default. What does this mean? That if at any given time you stop paying the fees due to lack of liquidity, the credit company will have the right through the courts to seize the accounts and get the money you owe.

The problem with this formula for the lender is that said assets may be higher or lower depending on the borrower. Therefore, the default risk assumed by the credit companies is greater. Due to this characteristic, the interest rates are higher and the amortization periods are usually shorter than those of other types of loans. For example, mortgages.

The purpose within personal loans

personal loan

As a general rule, the purpose for which the capital is requested is usually relevant for credit companies that grant personal loans. Although it does not have to be a problem with the reasons that lead you to ask for a loan, it is true that they will be weighed. That is, if you ask € 5,000 to buy a dishwasher, the logical thing is to be denied. Basically for lack of coherence. Therefore, the amounts that are requested must be proportional to the type of expenditure that we want to make.

    Consolidated loans without income



    A certificate of income is required to take consolidated loans or certain loans. Meanwhile, not every employer is willing to offer a permanent contract of employment. Many people keep their jobs on the basis of a contract of mandate or contract for specific work. Everyone can have financial problems or unforeseen expenses, therefore also people without permanent employment should be given the opportunity to take out a consolidated loan. The answer to these needs are the offers of non-bank institutions that offer consolidated loans without income from work.

    No income documented

    Such a consolidated loan is a solution for people who earn income from work, but do not have contracts entitling them to apply for traditional consolidated loans. In this situation, non-bank companies must check the customer and its solvency to ensure that he will repay the borrowed amount in accordance with the agreed terms. Checking may take place on the basis of a bank account statement, as well as a review of documents confirming fees for gas, electricity or rent, among others. Some companies also take into account the possession of real estate for collateral or movable property.

    What is a consolidated loan without income?

    A consolidated loan without income certificates is an offer from non-bank institutions. Most consolidated loans of this kind are granted completely online, although there are also companies that offer a home visit of a consultant. Such consolidated loans, like most other offers from non-bank institutions, do not require a visit to the bank. In many cases, you just need to sign a statement with income information, but without having to document it. However, there are companies that require a bank account statement.

    What counts as income?

    Many people forget that the source of income can be not only a fixed salary from the employer. There are many more opportunities, and the higher the amount of income, the greater the chance of getting a consolidated loan without certification. Therefore, it is worth analyzing your income sources and summing them up. You can include:
    – scholarships;
    – alimony;
    – 500+;
    – pension or retirement pension;
    – earnings for odd jobs;
    – passive income and additional payments

    The benefits of a consolidated loan without income

    Of course, the biggest advantage of this type of consolidated loan is that it can be contracted by people who do not have a contract of employment. Sometimes such a consolidated loan is the only solution at the moment when financial problems or the necessity of fast repayment of existing liabilities appeared. While the bank has no chance of getting any consolidated loan, because not only a contract of employment is required, but also meet a number of other requirements, in the case of non-bank institutions, this problem does not exist.

    It is enough to meet the requirements of a company offering a quick consolidated loan, but these are not excessive conditions. In most cases, the expectations of the institution and the necessary money can be met without any problems. In addition, most offers do not even require leaving your home – everything can be done with the help of a computer, filling out the appropriate form and waiting for a response. The whole process takes up to a few days and the money appears on the account almost immediately after consideration of the application. The formalities have been minimized so that the whole process is quick and does not require much effort.

    Types of consolidated loans without income

    consolidated loans without income from work can be short payday debts, which is usually 30 days, although there are also 60-day offers. Such an obligation can also be repaid in installments. The amount of the consolidated loan without certificates is usually a maximum of PLN 9,000. In the case of consolidated loan amounts granted in installments, it is possible to obtain up to PLN 25,000.

    A consolidated loan without income and interest

    It is worth remembering that granting consolidated loans without a certificate of income is a big risk for a non-bank institution. Therefore, it must somehow compensate them by establishing higher consolidated loan installments. In this way, in the event of failure to comply with the contract, the company will not incur large losses. Checking the amount of installments is therefore one of the most important issues before taking out a consolidated loan. It is also important to check the costs that are associated with the failure to pay the consolidated loan on time. Anyone may have a delay, so it is worth ensuring that it does not cost property. It is also worth knowing that, according to the regulations, the interest rate can not exceed 4 times the lombard rate.

    A consolidated loan without certificates and a contract

    The most important thing before borrowing without income from work is of course to read the terms of the contract, which will avoid any surprises in the form of additional costs, for example for delay in repayment of the obligation. Some contracts, however, are very complicated to hide any decisions unfavorable to the borrower. However, it is worth remembering that it is the responsibility of the lender to answer all questions and dispel all doubts. If the answers provided are evasive or vague, it may be a sign that such a non-bank institution is not trustworthy. It is worth checking the given company on the Public Warning List and find out if the company has any problems with the law. If this also does not dispel doubts, you can also use the lawyer’s advice or free assistance from institutions such as the consumer helpline, the Municipal Consumer Ombudsman or the Advice Center run by experts of the Consumer Federation.

    How to find the right consolidated loan company?

    New consolidated loan companies are constantly emerging in Poland, while those that already exist are trying to develop, expand and modify their offer. This makes each of them work on a slightly different basis. What’s more, those companies that are just struggling for market position often offer more attractive solutions, wanting to attract more customers. Each of these companies has its own process of verification of potential borrowers and offers different consolidated loan repayment terms. Therefore, before making such a commitment, it is best to review all the offers available on the market and compare the proposals from various non-bank institutions. The simplest solution is in this case to read the ranking of lenders and review all the pros and cons of individual offers. This will allow you to quickly select the most favorable proposal on the market. If, however, no company is willing to provide a consolidated loan, it is worth considering whether private consolidated loans will be the best way out of the situation.

    Payday loan comparison – is it worth using it?



    Finding advantageous financial offers is very important especially on the credit or payday loan markets.

    The costs of such products significantly translate into the costs of repaying financial liabilities. At the same time, the websites for comparing financial products also allow selection of advantageous offers on the insurance markets.

    When you want to use financial portals, which in one place allow you to compare the offers of very different companies, you should choose such portals that are tested on the internet market. This is especially important when you want to compare the offers of most companies operating on a given financial market , such as the banking, payday loan or insurance market.

    The more financial products available on a given portal, the easier it is to choose really good offers. However, when using financial portals that allow you to compare individual financial products should be treated primarily as an initial selection of financial products.

    Financial comparison engine for pre-selection

    Using a financial comparison engine to pre-select financial products is a very good solution. It results, among others, from the fact that the comparison engine is able to provide the possibility of a convenient comparison of basic parameters of individual offers of financial products.

    However, it should be taken into account that financial products should always be checked for very specific conditions that appear in contracts or regulations of individual companies. It is necessary to take this into account when using financial portals. They are possible to use only to a limited extent.


    Promotions of financial products

    One of the benefits when choosing financial products through comparison websites is the very easy way to choose promotional offers. This allows for very fast selection of offers that are available at the most favorable price conditions. However, it should be taken into account that a favorable price offer is not always the most advantageous one.

    This is particularly true for the insurance market. However, also in the case of payday loans or borrowings, specific conditions that may be included in the contract, but are not in the basic information about the offer, and may turn out to be unfavorable.

    Convenient selection of offers

    One of the main advantages of comparison websites is a very convenient selection of individual financial products. On many websites comparing offers, you can quickly complete applications from companies that offer individual financial products. It is a convenient solution when you do not want to search for websites of companies offering financial products from a selected category.

    At the same time, comparison websites are also a way to avoid excessively expensive financial products. The comparator is able to immediately indicate both favorable and average price conditions on a given market for financial products. This allows you to find out which financial products have very high service costs or have unattractive prices for policies.