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Andy johnson

Andy meets the founders of FluentWorlds in incredible virtual worlds but also with webcam

Engaged Learning is Better Learning – Pool Meeting in Cabo San Lucas

Mr Johnson was previously head of the London School of English Online

I have long thought that online courses lacked a key ingredient essential to effective and memorable learning, namely immersion. Fluentworlds offers fully immersive learning. . . “

– Andy Johnson

PROVO, UT, United States, October 25, 2021 / – Canterbury, England:

FluentWorlds is delighted to announce that Andy Johnson, former Principal of London School Online, has joined the team as Principal of FluentWorlds Online Language Academy.

Mr. Johnson is a digital learning specialist with 20 years of experience in international education, product development and teaching English. Among other things, Andy recently completed over 14 years at the prestigious London School of English. He is particularly interested in generational theory, creativity and self-directed learning, as well as how organizations are adapting to the changing training market and the workplace.

“Andy Johnson is one of the most talented people in the online learning world. His skills, particularly in language training, make him the perfect leader and ambassador of FluentWorlds. FluentWorlds admires him for his 20 years of experience, his talents and his superb ability to lead a team in the world of online language training, ”said David R. Bradford, CEO of FluentWorlds.

“I am very happy to join the FluentWorlds team,” said Andy. “I have long thought that online courses lacked a key ingredient essential to effective and memorable learning, namely immersion. Fluentworlds offers completely immersive learning, and I look forward to exploring the opportunities that learners offer, and how together we can revolutionize the online language learning experience. ”

FluentWorlds Online Academy allows users to learn in a collaborative 3D setting on their desktop or smartphone with other students in real time. FluentWorlds Online Academy features all the benefits of Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft team meetings, such as crystal-clear voice, webcam, and screen sharing, but with the added benefits of virtual environments. FluentWorlds Academy offers walkable 3D worlds like a classroom, airport, hotel, Central Park in New York, Cabo San Lucas, and even Virtual Las Vegas for a SOCIAL and engaging experience. Additionally, the system includes proximity-based voice, allowing teachers to create small group sessions on the same call, maximizing their time with students. Students love to create characters that can run, jump, fly, and float while learning much faster than in traditional systems. Engaged learning is better learning.

Dr. Linda Bradford, PhD in Educational Technology and Founder and Product Manager of FluentWorlds, added, “I am absolutely honored that Andy has agreed to join our team. him the perfect complement to an exceptional team of sales and marketing staff, linguists and IT specialists. Together we can change the world of language training forever. ”

The legacy of FluentWorlds products lies in creating language learning products that remove barriers to proficiency in English and other languages. The goal of FluentWorlds is to improve the lives of people around the world through its remarkable language technologies. In FluentWorlds Academy, a student can meet a tutor online in group or one-on-one classes via smartphone or computer while exploring over 40 virtual adventures so that the user is immersed in the environment of the student. ‘learning.

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